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Name : Bentley PowerCivil
Specification : Bentley PowerCivil is comprehensive design software, offering civil engineers and designers a fexible 2D/3D tool land planning and development and site modeling. No CAD platform is required; PowerCivil runs standalone with native DGN and DWG file formats, using a full complement of CAD-based toolsets. Unique relationship modeling enables rapid, dynamic exploration of site development scenarios. Combined with a complete set of plan preparation tools, plan sheet generation , and automatic volume/material quantity calaulations, this enables more effective project execution.

PowerCivil maximizes the power of Bentley's market-leading civil solutions in one integr5ated multidiscipline product for survey, graphical coordinate geometry (COGO), digital terrain modeling, site grading, water and sewer, strom drainage, and street design. PowerCivil can be used for a wide range of projects:
  • Commercial building, plant, and manufacturing sites
  • Airports and rail terminals
  • Subdivitions, urban complexes, parks, campuses, and glof courses
  • Dams, mines, and landfills
  • Drainsge, utility, and floodplain projects

Field-to-Finish Integration
PowerCivil streamlines design, project deliverable production and electronic conveyance to construction. Intelligent associativity between design disciplines reduces errors and ensures consistent, accurate plan production “ improving constructability. The software offers tools for easy import, incorporation, and export of design information and timely coordinate geometry (COGO). In addition, PowerCivil works seamlessly with Bentley® PowerSurvey™ and Bentley® PowerMap™ solutions.

More Flexibility with Visual Modeling
PowerCivil has been developed to match the way civil engineers and designers need to work. You can rapidly explore an array of design options because the software offers instant visual feedback. Unique intelligent associativity eases handling of virtually all types of civil features in an object context: from ponds, ditches, and channels to pads, streets, and cul-de-sacs. You control the associativity between objects in the model, including the precedence of feature components and relationships. As you modify design objects, associated features automatically adjust, obeying your custom design constraints and intent. The 2D/3D capabilities allow you to work the way you need to, interactively designing in plan, profile, section, and 3D. PowerCivil enables you to resolve unsuitable conditions on the fly, make design changes interactively, and speed the design process.

Multi-format Support
Regardless of the data format you choose to work in or need to deliver, PowerCivil is the civil design software most capable of meeting your project requirements. It supports:
  • Industry-leading survey data collectors for direct input and output of survey data
  • Native file support for both DGN and DWG data
  • Import or export XML data for surfaces and coordinate geometry
  • Production of PDF plan sets 
Increased Productivity and Collaboration
PowerCivil not only increases individual productivity, but also promotes collaboration between multiple users. The software includes wizards to guide you in the creation of intelligent land features such as pads, ponds, channels, subdivisions, streets, and roads. Rapid updating and intelligent features enable easy incorporation of client-driven changes. Project team members can work in multiple disciplines, with each user referencing and viewing the work of others.

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