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Name : Bentley MXRoad
Specification : Bentley MXROAD is an advanced, strings-based modelling tool that enables the rapid and accurate design of all road types. With Bentley MXROAD you can quickly create design alternatives to find the ideal road system. After a final design alternative is selected, you can automate more of the design detailing process, saving time and money.

At its core, Bentley MXROAD uses 3D string modelling technology, a powerful yet concise method of creating 3D surfaces. An interoperable database allows engineers to create and annotate 3D project models in the most popular CAD platforms or in Windows. This means that you can work on the project in one environment, save it and open it seamlessly in another environment with no loss of data. This promotes maximum productivity of trained staff.

Design Creativity
Bentley MXROAD features dynamic placement and change functionality that speeds the creation of 2D and 3D alignments. This "rubber band" flexibility promotes design creativity and the assessment of alternatives with quick cut/fill calculations. The end result is informed decisions, making for better quality design.
Junction Design
Junction design, along with other functionality in Bentley MXROAD, is string based. This gives you the ability to dynamically re-grade junctions as needed. Problem areas can be resolved during the design phase, rather than incurring the high cost of rework on site.

Superelevation Design
Bentley MXROAD includes an automated approach to superelevation design, which is fast and effective. Standards for superelevation can be put into a rules file for the quick application of the correct local, company, and project standards. This allows for efficiency without limiting your ability to use engineering judgernent.

Pavement Layer Generator and Volumetrics
The Pavement Layer Generator models the roadway pavement construction complete with variable pavement configurations across and along the road. Volumes are produced as a by-product of the design process, delivering the information required for bids and enabling quick, accurate reactions to bid situations

Design Rules
Built-in design rules allow you to apply local, company, and project standards, offering both tune savings and greater flexibility. You can customise and override these standards if
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