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หมวดสินค้า โปรแกรมของ Bentley Micro Station

Name : Micro Station
Specification : MicroStation® is a single, comprehensive platform for design and engineering projects and is the foundation of the V8 Generation of software from Bentley. MicroStation capabilities make it better suited for 3D modeling, data versatility, workgroup productivity and application development than any other design platform on the market.

MicroStation industry-specific extensions make you even more productive, with powerful tools for specialized tasks that enrich your design and engineering data, making it more valuable throughout the project life cycle.

Data Interoperability
Native support for DGN and DWG files makes MicroStation the universal authoring tool for design and engineering projects. Because MicroStation eliminates concerns about deliverable file formats, data exchange and file translations, you can focus on creating and maintaining your architecture, engineering and construction content.
Collaborative Functionality
Enhanced workgroup productivity is made possible through capabilities such as powerful reference functionality and multiple model support within DGN files, as well as the use of industry-specific extensions. In addition, standards management and dedicated Workmodes ease deployment in the project team environment.

Change Management
The ability to record, review, restore and interrogate design changes is an integral part of every project. MicroStation incorporates a robust design history facility to track the evolution of each DGN file. When combined with digital rights and digital signatures technology, you can monitor progress and add security and accountability to your projects.

Advanced Modeling and Visualization
MicroStation 3D design capabilities are comprised of a balanced blend of wireframe, surface and solid modeling tools, so you can effectively capture your design intent. Professional-level, photorealistic rendering tools with extensive material and lighting libraries allow you to present high-quality images and animations of your designs.

MicroStation is offered with integrated, industry-specific application portfolios that complement and extend the rich feature set of MicroStation. In addition, flexible programming support makes MicroStation highly adaptable to your business needs and requirements.
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